Roof Repair in Scappoose, Oregon

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Has it been a few years since your last roof inspection? Have you noticed loose or missing shingles on your home’s roof? If so, chances are it’s time to call Kneeland Brothers, LLC. We provide comprehensive inspections and house roof repairs in Scappoose & St Helen’s, OR, that help to protect the investment you’ve made in your home. Over time, storm damage and gradual weathering take a toll on your home’s roof. While today’s roofing products are made to last for many years, your roof still requires routine inspections and occasional repairs to maximize its lifespan. Some types of damage may not be visible from the ground or noticeable to the untrained eye, but we are equipped to thoroughly assess your roof and find any trouble spots. As experienced roofers, we quickly and correctly repair any damage in order to safeguard your home.

It’s easy to neglect necessary roof maintenance until it’s too late, and unfortunately, many homeowners fall into this habit. However, there are definite advantages to calling us for your roof’s repairs. Some of the benefits are:

✔ Avoiding Costlier Repairs at a Later Date
✔ Preventing Structural and Foundation Damage
✔ Controlling Interior Damage
✔ Maintaining Healthy, Mold-Free Indoor Air
✔ Protecting Your Home’s Appearance
✔ Extending the Life of Your Roof
✔ Enhancing Your Home’s Energy Efficiency